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Thursday, June 3, 2010 | 0 comments

my things

1. red rose red rose Pictures, Images and Photos - i love red rose because i like it as special flower that boys are given to girls to appreciate of love 009

2. puppy Photobucket- i love puppy, but i never adopt puppy as my pet huhu i want shitztu♡ i wanna them accompany me, bcz i'm lonely 003

3. pucca Pucca! Pictures, Images and Photos - she's my cartoon figure, i like her because she's love garu with all of her heart haha, but i know she's over haha. i like her bcz she always smile and pretending happy although she's sad, she's STRONG i love her and actualy i'm wearing pucca's pajama right now and it's yellooow 011

4. coffee Photobucket - i love drinking Photobucket i don't know why bcz i like being alone in the night while people are sleeping i'm awake and thinking something that ain't important

5. music Photobucket - i love listening music i can explain what i'm feeling right now with those songs and lyricsPhotobucket

6. bintang Photobucket - i love lookin' at stars making-sweetness but i don't know why haha

. ice cream ice cream cone lickin Pictures, Images and Photos - i love Photobucket [mint flavor] hmm, i feel my trouble is gone away haha (lebe -_-) YUMMY!

8. dolls teddy wave Pictures, Images and Photos> - they're my friends when i feel lonely, happy, sad, bored, and others i love you my dolls Dolphin Pictures, Images and Photos

9. rainbow Photobucket - colours are beautiful if i saw rainbow i always dream ing to be a painter haha (blah!) rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

and the last one

10. piano - i can't play piano, but i wish Photobucket i like when someone playing piano, i always smile even when i feel sad bcz i love it, i feel happy thanks for someone who invent piano
piano Pictures, Images and Photos

those are my favorite things

wondering someday and someone give me surprize with those things

yes, in my dream010