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Sunday, June 27, 2010 | 0 comments

100 Truths. After you've filled this out, tag 20 peoples and have them to do the same.

Last beverage --> coca cola
Last phone call --> v
Last instant message --> Viano and Josjak *same time*
last song you listened to --> It Ends Tonight - The All American Rejects
Last time you cried --> 2 days ago, in my bday

Date someone twice --> not yet
Been cheated on --> Try Out 2
Kissed someone and regretted it --> ha?
Lost someone special --> almost haha

Fallen out of love --> yes
Laughed until you cried --> ouyeah (y)
Met someone who changed your live --> never mind -.-
Found out someone was talking 'bout you --> i don't know.
Do you have any pets --> 2 dogs ihihioo
Do you want to change your name? --> nope, but i decided to give a good name for my children soon :)
What time did you wake up today --> 1.30 pm *i slept at 3am*
What were you doing at midnight last night --> surfing internet as usual
Name something you CANNOT wait for --> my bestfriend who lives overseas, and super junior 4jib album!
What's one thing you wish you could change --> nothing, i love my life and also myself :)
What getting on your nervous right now --> idk -.-
What's your real name --> Cho Florensia Stephanie Rawi
Zodiak sign --> Cancer girl
Are you a health freak --> if i cried, suddenly i got flu. always.
righty or lefty--> i wish righty

first surgery --> never
first pierching --> when i was 4 y.o. maybe?
first best friend --> Maria Vicani Cariss *tapi udah gatau dimana sekarang temen TK gw temen nonton teletubbies :'(*
first sport you joined --> Calisthenics
first pet --> puppy x)
first vacation --> forget uhuhu
first crush --> ehehe :p initial G

kissed a stranger --> of course NOT!
Drank hard liquor --> mixmax and heineken *hoek*
Lost glasses/contact --> YES, one time when i was in 4th grade at Limus Pratama swimming pool F!
Ran away from home --> never haha
Broken someone's heart --> yes, for a few times. i'm sorry guys haha ;)
Been arrested --> haha, not yet
Turn someone down --> nope, but i'm not sure :D
Cried when someone died --> yes, maybe

Yourself --> absolutely
Miracle --> YES :D *thanks God*
Love at first sight --> yesss
Heaven --> of course!
Santa Claus --> Uncle santa is my daddy who gave me many things in Xmas day :D
Kiss on the fisrt date --> hah?
Angel --> my bestfriends is my Angel :)

Is there one person you want to be with right now --> YES!
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time --> haha, i'm faithful
Do you believe in God --> YES, OF COURSE!
Is this quetionnaire a waste of time --> be honest, yes 20 minutes ++

reblog from geegee's blog thanks baby, so i've new post today Photobucket
no one tagged, but if you want to, just copy it and write my name okay? thanks before *yay*