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Friday, October 8, 2010 | 0 comments

BHK Kota Wisata proudly present ...

HELLO fellas! how are youuu? today was awesome, congrats for commitee of BHK Sparks, good job senior Photobucket Photobucket
We went to Abang's house this morning, eat mcD watch movie "Forest Gump" and then back to school with Abang, Cdhe, Tiffany, AdrianK, Alfian and Handre Photobucket
We just arrived when ecoutez start they first song, wow pas banget!
and then we *gazer* sang together, put our hands up and wave it gah! miss this moment with my girls I miss you guys @naonaomii @esthahaha @HeyClar @nathabellPhotobucket
Esthaaa doakan semoga kitabisa ke BAZKOM yaaa Photobucket Photobucket
After ecoutez, ANDHIKA PRATAMA muncul dari panggung, dan malunya gue teriak duluan sendiri, secara gw demen sama dia smape diketawain cdhe --'' he looks HANDSOME aaa, Oh yeah! I took a picture with him tadaaa:


and then as usual, raining errrr -___________- and also with lights and thunder dhuar dhuar, i hate it, I'm scared of houselizard and thunder aaaa Photobucket Photobucket !!
hey hey look at my sweater, HELLO KITTY! yes, i love hellokitty since i was a little girl haha, kitty kitty *from: jays's*

XO - StephanieRawi Photobucket