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Bonamana Suju Rank
Thursday, May 13, 2010 | 0 comments

okay, so after i watched the MVPhotobucket for like the 891756243th times , my Suju Rank re-shuffled itself. It becomes like this (10-member-version minus kangin kibum and hangeng) :

PhotobucketTeukkiePhotobucketoppa omygod oppa is gorgeous look a t his body woow sixpack! and he didn't fasten his coat awaw Photobucket totally had me breathless throughout the MV *faints*

Kyuhyun oppa! saranghae004 awaw he looks p-e-r-f-e-c-t Photobucket except hmm i think his voice kinda different uhoh but no problem he can solve it with his extremely good move wahaha, some people said that he's the next main dancer in super junior wahaha :D he's hot, adorable and charming Photobucket

Siwon and Eunhyuk oppa, siwon still looks mature with his style wahaha, i want his dimple awawawPhotobucket hihi, he's a great opening. and eunhyuk oppa he's the best main dancer i've ever seen Photobucketwihihi good job oppa but why you wearing that helmet? both are gorgeous and awesome miao

Sungmin and Heechul oppa, sungmin is superbPhotobucket! but why his part is so little just 15seconds i think hmm :( and heedictator (oppa's twitter name) i never mind he looks charming in this MV, looks pretty cool with his Photobucket hair hihi.

Yesung and Shindong oppa, yesung voicePhotobucket is adorably awesome and dancing superbly well as usual, but i don't like shindong's new hair cut looks so extreme and didn't match with his cute baby face haha 011

and Donghae oppa, they looks great but i don't like ryeowook's new hair huhu, it make he looks thinner but his voice still awesome :D and donghae oppa looks different i don't like it hmm, but his biceps, omg Photobucket awaw i really really dig his new lookPhotobucket

best partmiao:
Leeteuk's "Baby, you turn it up now"
"neon, gatabuta, gatabuta mal jom haera miina ni maeumeul gajyeotdamyeon geunyang naneun sarmui winner" *he got the moves now* and "How to keep loving you? naega jinjja nege jalhalge idaero nal sseokhyeo dujima"

"neon alkkamalkka alkkamalkka neomu yeppeun miina"

Eunhyuk's when he sing nae gaseumeun "neol" and point his two fingers to the camera awaw :D

"geunyeoneun gangjeok. kkeutteogeopda. ppijjuk, ppijjuk, ppijjuk"

"nan deudyeo michilgeoya. pokbalhae beoril geoya deo mot chamgesseo geunyeomanui milgo danggigi"

Yesung's *with members*
"gidarinda. miina! saranghanda. miina! Bring it, sign to me, sign to me"

Shindong's when Yesung sing his best part (my version) then Shindong sing
"Hope you'll step to me, step to me" with his superb moves :D

"True, true nae gamjeongeun gal gosi eobseo nege matchwo beoringeol neon jal aljannni"

Donghae's *with Kyuhyun*
"Listen girl! johahae"

The Bonamana MV is superb, but it’s gonna perfect if it features 13 members on it Photobucket

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