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BIG 3 favorite korean guy
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | 6 comments

Photobucket Cho Kyuhyun 조규현

born February 3, 1988. i like him bcz he's cool, great dancer, his voice awww really cool! you must hear this song, 7 Years of Love. his solo Photobucket
i'm super kyuhyun biased ahaha he's my favorite guy in Super Junior Photobucket. He's main vocalist with wookie oppa and yesung oppa. He has a lot of nicknames, but the most popular nickname is GameKyu bcz he loves playing games haha. SARANGHAE KYUHYUN OPPA Photobucket

Photobucket Lee Seung Gi 이승기

born January 13, 1987, gah! Seung Gi oppa has an adorable smile Photobucket i love him since i watched Brilliant Legacy 4 days ago, TOTALLY FALL IN LOVE with Seung Gi oppa. He has recorded a duet with South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna (she's really great figure skater, adore her!) collaborate on "Smile Boy", the 2010 Football Worldcup commercial song and released June 1st. he's smart, awesome voice, killer looks, funny,can play piano very well, and others instruments as well, and also he has the best smile without hesitation 011 Seung Gi oppa is a one complete package of a perfect boyfriend isn't he? love you boy hihiPhotobucket

Photobucket Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a Rain

born June 25, 1982. HAHA, same birthday with me Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket that's why i won the rain contest for his rainism ticket haha. i adore him since he acted in Full House, really cute Photobucket he's really multi talented he's a singer, dancer, model, actor, businessperson, and designer and his clothing line is sixtofive haha maybe inspired from his bday (same with me!) i've cool story about him, haha. i watched his rainism concert in Jakarta Photobucket when the first time i knew he will come to Jakarta i asked my mom to buy his ticket, but my mom said that's too expensive. 750.000 rupiah for festival ckck, that's really expensive. 3 days later after i asked my mom, i bought a Magazine *kawanku when i read it, there's a contest to won Rainism concert in Jakarta, so i joined it, i send some letter to the magz, i wrote 'i adore him since he acted in Full House, and my bday same with him June 25th' haha, and never mind i won it! December 3rd i went to JITEC and watched his AWESOME performance and my favorite one is when raining effect. REALLY COOL Photobucket haha, he's friendly with us, down to earth and his smile WHOAAA *screaming Photobucket Photobucket
and we jumped and sang together when he sang "Fresh Woman" *it's driving me crazy it's driving me crazy. yes oppa you driving me crazy haha. Rain oppa

so they're my BIG 3 FAVORITE KOREAN GUY.
i wish one day i'll meet Lee Seung Gi oppa and Kyuhyun oppa and also SuperJunior. AMIN 001 사 랑 햐 Photobucket