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wondergirls showcase
Monday, June 21, 2010 | 4 comments

hello fellas, i just got back from WONDERGIRLS showcase, i got free ticket from "edric chandra" you know him? he is REALLY KIND *ohhmyy* whoa i'm feeling lucky. i met them :D THEY'RE GORGEOUS and PRETTY Emotion 13 nobody nobody like you *singing* never mind i can met them really! whoa *shock*
Photobucket here the story,,
yesterday i knew that edrictjandra oppa gave some WG ticket with some questions from twitter, but at last he didn't ask questions anymore so I with my friend Livia spamming to his twitter to get that ticket. after 2 hours he said that livia won, but I? i don't know i feel dissapointed Emotion 2 but i slept then. in the afternoon today i was online at twitter, theeeeeeeen after i was online 5 minutes edrictjandra mention me *kyaa* and said that I WON TOO!! Emotion 6 whoa i felt shock this morning *gasp* then i went to semanggi to got the ticket from him and went to balai kartini with the others and watch the gorgeous WONDERGIRLS but the event orginazer was really bad *thumbsdown* the show was late about 1 hour! and wodergirls perform at 8.45pm after opening act ergh and wondergirls just perform only 5-6 songs huuh *eerr* but no problem they were amazing! Photobucket the hall was really crowded maybe about 1500 peoples haha, we are wonderfull love wondergirls Photobucket
they're really really cool and beautiful esp. SOHEE onni Emotion 9
i think that i'm so lucky Emotion 7 when Rainism concert i watched him, and free too from magazine then now i watched WG showcase free again from Edric Chandra oppa, GBU oppa *yay* i wish i'll meet superjunior with free ticket AMIEEEN, god bless me Photobucket

whoaa! they're cute , sexy and also beautiful Emotion 14 but i couldn't see them perfectly uhoh *rar*

Livia and Me , ooh finally we met and watched kpop concert together, wish we can watch ss3 together, and she's nice Photobucket