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The story only I didn’t know
Monday, June 13, 2011 | 0 comments

I've bad feeling, I'm down. Whoever you are increase my mood, please? *cry*
:( You really forgot everything. When I see your welcoming face,
I start to feel a little hurt because of a wound that can’t heal itself.

In the next world, when we are born. Then, we'll look at each other face to face
Let's be born, so that we don't lose weakly in front of fate again

Even if you're far away, I hope that you'll be happy. Though it hurts, though it will hurt,
I will never cry, because there is no such thing as farewell in my love Emotion 1

Please, just pass by pretending like you don't see me. Please, don't even give me a glance. In the days that are like the sandy winds, don't give anything to me. *hm*

PS: Today my teachers played in soccer game lmao, sir son looks awesome as usual. badly, they lose wkwkkw. no problem sir you're great enough kok fufufuu
Ciaooo, xx rawr