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Tuesday, July 12, 2011 | 0 comments

June 25th 2011 Photobucket
MY SWEET 16th. thankyou all who congratulated me
I hope all of those wishes come true, AMIN.
Oh no I'm getting older and older, but it's ok I'm still me lol. Thanks mom&dad for the gift, totally love it. new watch, swatch :D

July 1st 2011
I went to Dufan with my cirls, CRENN! I love them so much, thankyou girls for those unforgettable memories :') I miss u already guys huhu. We were so lucky, dufannya sepi, terus pas itu mendung2 enak gitu, dan biasalah kita emang gila dan akhirnya kita main hujan disana LOL. bermodalkan payungnya Esther tapi buat ber5, dan akhirnya Cdhe berani Hysteria hahaha =)) GRAWSOME \m/

July 2nd-11th 2011
I went to Pontianak to celebrate my Granpa's bday :D
Rame banget ah~ so happy :))
I love being there huhu, banyak makanan, gak macet, kemana2 deket but the saddest part, ga ketemu Deddy lagiii argh huhu:(
And... ystd I flied back to Jakarta, alone. Uh Jkt getting worse hh, gwrs Jkt from traffic jam..

July 12nd 2011
Here I am blogging&laying on my bed :3 6 days left until Mon(ster)day 18th July, new class, new friends, new life *ohhmyy*