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Aiming the dart
Sunday, May 7, 2017 | 0 comments

Still, I didn't have time to visit Notre Dame. That's fine, I have an excuse to come back, Paris.

Won two awards as the first runner up and employee's favorite
Thank God!


 Look at those cute foxes!
Fox Village, Yamagata

Ski day with Maruyama Lab! Ski 101 with sensei yay

Strolled in Kyoto with exchangers and wore pretty yukata

 Poster presentation day, supported by noisy and witty lab mates *miss y'all! Altho uni and lab life was a bit difficult but we party hard as well lol

HIMEJI JO! My brother, Steven brought me there for a day trip. What a fascinating original Japan castle.

Life been so hectic.
Returned from Japan then facing the overlapped semester.
Rushing the thesis' experiments with the new environment, feels like studying a new major for a semester only lol.
Yet, life's been so great with lovely people surrounds me.
And I cant wait to have my graduation day this August and start over a new chapter of my life. 
Have a fruitful Sunday, everyone!